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Friday, October 02, 20099:14 PM
Once for Twice.





5:57 PM
Once for Twice.

This dramatic video was captured in the Bronx by New York's CBS 2 when good samaritan Billy Cretan heard screams coming from a burning building and rushed inside to only escape from a window carrying 4-year-old Christopher Ramcharran.

When Cretan saw smoke and flames pouring from the apartment above his store his instincts took over.

"I kicked in gear, put the ladder down and I went upstairs and did the best I could," Cretan said.

Cretan climbed into the burning building through the fire escape and found 4-year-old Christopher Ramcharran choking on smoke.

"I felt his heartbeat; it was faint but all right. I made sure I protected him with the curtain 'because they were throwing glass from on top of the stairs," Cretan said, referring to the firefighters worked feverishly above.

Cretan used his body to shield the boy from smoke and flames, and carried his limp body down the fire escape.

Monday, September 28, 200911:28 PM
Once for Twice.

I got raped by mosquitoes in bed last night.
Now I have like.. 10 bites all over my legs and arms.

I've been studying for EOYs, yay :D
And I can't bloody copy in Chemistry.
So confusing ):
Same for lights (physics) as well :(
Gotta buck up on them.

Oh yes, show you guys a video.
It's really funny!


If you missed it like me when I watched it for the first time, it's actually like this. This orange jersey guy is trying to score a goal but failed right? Check out the blue jersey guy behind him after a few seconds. The blue jersey guy was actually laughing at him becaue he didn't score the goal. Then after that, the orange jersey guy got another chance to score a goal and this time he succeeded! Okay, then you can see for yourself what happened. LOL he actually got a yellow card!! Poor fella.

Friday, September 25, 20097:15 PM
Once for Twice.


Did you cry? :')

Sunday, September 20, 200910:45 PM
Once for Twice.

Midnight supper in Malaysia with parents some time ago - GOOD!

Bro and dad are jumping up and down watching the match between Manchester United and Manchester City.


I'm glad they don't drink though! My uncle can drink CARTONS of Heineken while watching soccer. Poor liver of his.

P/S. I hope ManU wins! Though I don't watch soccer. LOL

Friday, September 18, 200910:04 PM
Once for Twice.



Tuesday, September 15, 20096:43 PM
Once for Twice.

She's scandal-free. She's beautiful. She's classy. She's elegant. She's got curves. She's talented. She is AHHH-mazing! Love Beyonce! :D

"Next time Kanye West wins some award, everyone should bum rush the stage!"
-Perez Hilton


P/S. Just realised that my previous post has Taylor Swift in it too! Cool, I didn't know about the whole VMA scene at that time!

Sunday, September 13, 200911:20 PM
Once for Twice.

HAHAHAHA! OMG, am I the only one who finds this hilarious??

Anyway, my mum washed my Winnie the pooh bolster :((((( It's crying in the washing machine now :((((( My mum thinks it's ultra stinky but I love its smell! :((((( I'm gonna suffer from insomnia tonight without it :((((( And guess what? The water used to soak my bolster turned blacky! HAHAH imagine, all that bacteria!


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